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Specialist launches own bespoke charity policy and names it Harmony.

Article posted: 11/05/2017

At the FSI's London Training Conference this week, sector expert UK Charity Insurance unveiled its own product, Harmony.

The specialist claims it has re-imagined charity cover for today by taking the very best elements available in the market and crafting them into a single, cost-effective policy.

Adam Taylor, who heads up the team at UKCI, says "To protect charities of all sizes we've created our own policy. We've re-designed charity cover from the ground up, taking the very best that's out there and created something that will, for many charities, be a better option. That's partly why we've called it Harmony - because it just works!

The other reason is that it's about us using our specialism to help charities achieve their aims. You see, we can't do what they do but we can make a difference by using our skills and expertise to assist and support them in this way. It's collaborative harmony - the idea that we're better when we work together."

UK Charity Insurance advises organisations to request a quote in the normal way and experts will assess whether one of the many other products to which they have access will be suitable or whether the Harmony policy would result in a better deal.

To request a quote, charities, community groups, voluntary organisations, churches and faith groups should call 01424 205063 or complete brief contact details online at

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