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UKCI's COVID-19 Coronavirus Response

Article posted: 17/03/2020

As measures to tackle Coronavirus in the UK continue to gather momentum, we want to provide you with reassurance that we have taken the steps necessary to minimise the impact on our ability to support the needs of our customers. [Read full article]


Nominations invited for our Christmas Charity Donation 2019

Article posted: 26/11/2019

Again this year our Christmas charity donation relies on you to tell us who you'd like us to support. Name your favourite charity so they can benefit from our £100 donation and be featured on our Christmas 2019 Greetings Card. [Read full article]


The trustees' role in managing charity risk

Article posted: 30/10/2019

The Charity Commission provides not only regulation but also guidance on the role and responsibilities of trustees in its overview document ‘The Essential Trustee’ (CC3). The document highlights 6 main trustee duties.

What’s clear from reading the guidance is that the assessment and management of risk, together with taking external advice where appropriate, is viewed seriously by the Commission. So let’s look at how trustees are expected to deal with risk – something that is consistently woven through these main trustee duties… [Read full article]


Invitation: Charity Fraud & Cyber Crime Briefing

Article posted: 11/09/2019

In conjunction with respected charity accountants, Williams Giles, UK Charity Insurance is pleased to invite you to the next briefing in our series designed to aid leaders of VCOs in your governance roles and give you the tools you need to perform your duties effectively.

Join us on Thursday 17th October 2019 to benefit from 2 hrs of FREE advice from charity sector experts across two separate disciplines. Alex Ffrench from Williams Giles will share on 'Fraud: Common Themes & Case Studies' while Neil Franklin of UK Charity Insurance will highlight best practice on 'Planning ahead to survive the effects of financial and cyber crime'. [Read full article]


How Business Interruption carries your charity during unavoidable downtime

Article posted: 19/07/2019

If you're running your charity from commercial premises, or if hiring out your building is how you derive your income, hopefully your insurance provider has recommended Business Interruption cover (BI) to protect you from certain costs and losses that are outside of your control.

While the building and its contents may be adequately covered for replacement or repair, BI offers a robust layer of protection to your finances for a very specific purpose and is often overlooked. [Read full article]


Give your charity the best chance of surviving a cyber breach

Article posted: 11/06/2019

A report commissioned by the Department for Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) found that as many as 22% of voluntary & community organisations have identified security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months - hackers often don't know what type of organisation they're targeting. Robust protection comes in the form of dedicated Cyber... [Read full article]


Abuse in charities

Article posted: 12/03/2019

We've all seen the news stories regarding allegations of historical abuse made against people in positions of authority from TV celebrities to sports coaches - almost anywhere that attracts groups of young people or children. Unfortunately, even charities and community groups aren't immune. [Read full article]


3 important charity insurance checks for non-experts

Article posted: 08/03/2019

If you’ve been renewing your charity's insurance over and over for the last few years, a review is most likely well overdue. However, chances are you’re no insurance expert, so how can you do it justice without having the specific knowledge? [Read full article]


Key benefits to your charity of conducting an insurance review

Article posted: 08/03/2019

It’s likely that you’re very busy and perhaps arranging the insurance for your charity falls to you out of necessity rather than choice. Time-pressures or even (don’t shoot me here) a potential lack of either interest or insurance knowledge can mean it’s often easier to roll your cover over each year, assume all’s well and leave it up to the professionals. [Read full article]


Charity specialist puts ethos into action to end hygiene poverty in Hastings

Article posted: 27/11/2018

An insurance broker working in the not-for-profit sector has partnered with a national charity to co-ordinate the donation and distribution of personal hygiene products to local families in need. [Read full article]


Business Interruption for charities

Article posted: 09/10/2018

If your insurance provider has done a good job of assessing and advising on the needs of your charity, chances are they’ve mentioned Business Interruption (BI) cover.

While your office, its contents, together with the charity’s activities, may be adequately covered in themselves BI offers an extra layer of protection to the charity’s finances for very specific purposes. [Read full article]


Broker secures grant to make a big difference in small charity sector

Article posted: 26/09/2018

Specialist broker, UK Charity Insurance, has obtained a £2,500 grant to help boost a small charity’s vital work.

The recipient, the Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI) is a charity that provides free or heavily-subsidised capacity-building training and advice to other small charities and community groups. [Read full article]


GDPR - Cyber Liability considerations for charities

Article posted: 17/04/2018

Unless you’ve been stranded on a desert island for the last few months you’ll probably have seen these 4 letters on countless emails and, frankly, plastered all over the place. Heralded with as much fanfare and hype as the millennium bug, what are the implications of GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation) for your charity beyond potential changes to your data processing activity, including marketing; and the beefing-up of your cyber security? [Read full article]


Specialist launches own bespoke charity policy and names it Harmony

Article posted: 11/05/2017

At the FSI's London Training Conference this week, sector expert UK Charity Insurance unveiled its own product, Harmony.

The specialist claims it has re-imagined charity cover for today by taking the very best elements available in the market and crafting them into a single, cost-effective policy. [Read full article]


"We Love Small Charities" says risk expert, then proves it with free local training

Article posted: 19/01/2017

This Valentine's Day local charities will benefit from some free Charity Risk advice courtesy of the SpeakUp Forum and sector specialists UK Charity Insurance.

The broker, who sponsored the forum's Big Event 2015 and 2016, will be running an interactive training workshop in Eastbourne on Tuesday 14th February. [Read full article]


Risk and charity resilience

Article posted: 20/10/2016

Charity insurance expert, UK Charity Insurance, is to lead a session on 'Risk & Resilience' at the FSI's National Conference in November. The course identifies risk as an everyday part of charitable activity and recognises that managing it effectively is essential if the charity is to achieve its key objectives and ensure the funds and assets are safeguarded. UK Charity Insurance will be offering its skills and expertise to show small charities how to understand and mitigate the risks their activities expose them to. [Read more]


Big Event 2016 sponsored by third sector insurance specialist

Article posted: 05/05/2016

The SpeakUp Forum's Big Event 2016 is supported and sponsored by one of the UK's leading charity insurance brokers for the second year running.

UK Charity Insurance was keen to put its weight behind this valuable training day in the region's VCS calendar to help local organisations protect themselves. It just so happens that this year's theme is 'Resilience' which, as Nick Day - Marketing Exec at UK Charity Insurance said, "Is exactly what we're all about - giving charities and other voluntary groups the tools and the cover to ensure they are equipped to carry on their vital work should the worst happen." [Read more]


Charity Insurance Offer

Article posted: 09/04/2015

KentCAN have collaborated with UK Charity Insurance to try and bring you a better deal on your charity insurance as well offering organisations a Free Insurance Healthcheck. [Read more]


UK Charity Insurance partners with FSI for 2015 national training conferences

Article posted: 13/03/2015

A charity insurance specialist has joined forces with a major training charity to help its members save money.

Expert broker, UK Charity Insurance, is partnering with the Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI) and exhibiting at both its national and regional training conferences throughout 2015 to find the FSI's 4,000 members a better insurance deal. [Read more]


FREE training at Rother Voluntary Action AGM on 4th December

Article posted: 20/11/2014

Charities and other voluntary organisations attending Rother Voluntary Action's AGM in Bexhill will benefit from a free charity briefing this year.

Local broker and charity insurance expert, Chris Knott Insurance, is partnering with another charity specialist - law firm, Whitehead Monckton - for the presentation on 4th December 2014 titled 'Charities - helping you manage risk'. [Read more]


UK Charity Insurance ‘drives’ down costs for community food project

Article posted: 05/12/2011

Hastings specialist, UK Charity Insurance, has picked up the van cover for a local social enterprise.

The Community Fruit & Veg Project, based in Waterworks Road, approached Chris Knott following a business exhibition held in the town in September. [Read more]


Insurance Broker donates over £1000 to Pier campaign

Article posted: 05/08/2011

An insurance scheme for local residents and businesses in Hastings, offered by insurance firm UK Charity Insurance, has raised its first £1000 for the pier campaign. [Read more]


Insurance scheme benefits charity

Article posted: 29/06/2011

Local insurance broker, UK Charity Insurance, has proved that its innovative 'fundraising through insurance' scheme works, already producing a donation of £323 to the Hastings Pier & White Rock Trust. [Read more]


Broker's banner unfurled on Hastings Pier

Article posted: 14/06/2011

In support of the Hastings Pier & White Rock Trust, local insurance broker UK Charity Insurance has today unfurled it's banner on the pier railings to encourage the charity's supporters to use the firm for their car, home or business insurance needs. [Read more]


Insurance expert inspires excellence in industry exams

Article posted: 20/07/2010

Chris Knott directors, staff & guests gathered for a champagne reception at Cavendish House in July to mark the achievements of ten staff members who recently completed an Advanced Apprenticeship in Insurance. [Read more]


A classy new home at Cavendish House

Article posted: 09/04/2010

Affinity specialist insurance broker, Chris Knott Insurance, relocated its business to Hastings on 1st March, taking up residence in the newly re-furbished Cavendish House. [Read more]



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