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Charity Fundraising Scheme

Thinking outside the donation box

If your charity relies on the generosity of individuals and corporates to continue its work, we’ve got some great news for you!

Receive more from your existing supporters

Our revolutionary fundraising scheme helps you gain access to extra money that you thought not possible. Through our insurance scheme, you can easily generate an income from your existing supporters without it actually costing them a single penny.

How it works

Once you’ve signed up for the scheme, when one of your supporters contacts us for a quote on their car, home or business insurance, we’ll allocate them to your account. If they subsequently take out cover you’ll be paid a generous percentage of our earnings.

What’s more, you’ll be paid again every year that the supporter renews - for the entire life of the policy. We can also provide all the marketing material you need to communicate the scheme to your supporters.

Benefits for your charity

Your supporters would love to be able to donate more money to their favourite cause but they simply can't afford it. Through this insurance scheme they have the opportunity to save money on their annual insurance bill AND secure a resulting donation to your charity. The benefit to you includes:

  • Free money for your charity

  • Extra tie-in of existing supporters

  • Potential for a significant regular income

  • It’s very simple - we do all the work

  • No cost to you

  • You’ll continue to receive year-after-year

  • Funding that keeps on growing as your support base does

Last year alone, over £160,000 was given away to not-for-profit organisations like yours through our insurance scheme.

Why it works

Your supporters will like this scheme as it enables them to give you more money without digging any deeper into their own pockets - the donation comes out of our profit.

They are currently insuring with companies that don’t give you anything and we're offering them the opportunity to make sure you benefit from their insurance spending choices.

They'll join the scheme if we can save them money on their car, home or business insurance and related products, so they receive an individual benefit too.

Interested in finding out more?

Please call Nick Day on 01424 205002 or register your interest using our Fundraising Scheme Enquiry Form.

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