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Types of charity cover

Insurance specifically designed with charities in mind

With UKCI you can arrange cover for each of the risks you face.

When asked by charities to review their existing arrangements we often come across a gap in their cover that leaves them completely exposed in a particular area.

This is usually because their activities have changed and they didn't realise that the risk level had changed or that there was even a risk involved.

However, sometimes the gap is due to the inadequate advice of a non-specialist or a lack of explanation. Sadly, we have heard of cases where the previous provider shoe-horned the charity into a standard business insurance policy wrongly believing that the perils were the same.

The perfect fit for your charity

While there will be an element of cross-over, UK Charity Insurance truly understands the different activities of today's charities. As charity insurance experts our advice and our cover will be tailored specifically to your charity's needs. And because we only offer products from the UK's specialist Charity Insurers you can be sure that your cover will be entirely suitable. With us by your side you'll be free to focus on your work knowing you're fully covered.

Cover types

Depending on your activities, your charity may benefit from:

  • Charity Buildings Cover - does as it says; pays out in the event of a claim affecting buildings owned by the charity

  • Charity Contents Cover - pays out if contents and equipment gets stolen or damaged

  • Public Liability - protects you from the costs of claims brought by supporters, visitors, etc as a result of bodily injury or damage to property

  • Employer's Liability - to protect you from claims by employees/volunteers in relation to bodily injury or employment issues

  • Business Interruption - reimburses you for loss of income and extra expenses incurred through damage to buildings or contents that prevents access

  • Trustees Indemnity - protects the charity's trustees and staff members in specific roles from the effects of unintentionally poor decisions

  • Fidelity Guarantee - protects you from the loss of money following the fraudulent or dishonest conduct of a trustee, officer, employee or volunteer

  • Money Cover - covers the collection and handling of cash - paying out if cash is stolen, or misappropriated by an employee or volunteer

  • Loss of Reputation - reimburses the costs of the charity defending itself against adverse publicity following various damaging events

  • Counselling & Advice Cover - to cover the costs of claims alleging wrongful advice following a loss

  • Event Insurance - from one-off events to regular events organised by the charity. For example, fundraising events, social events, exhibitions, etc.

  • Foodbank Insurance - cover for the activities and stock handled by the UK's foodbanks - includes special advice for those linked to a church

  • Vehicle Cover - just like car insurance but for your minibus or vans

  • Abuse Cover - covers the cost to the charity should an allegation of abuse be made

  • Publisher's Liability - this covers your charity website and other publications against the risk of libel. If you're offering webcasts for download or streaming from your website or you issue recordings on CD you should consider this protection against slander.

  • Group Travel - covers trips in the UK or abroad for your workers/volunteers.

At your request we can undertake a full and FREE Insurance Review that will highlight the types of cover you need. We will examine your existing cover, produce a comprehensive report detailing the current risks you face, the available solutions and cap it off with a no-obligation quotation.

To request a charity insurance quote and make sure you have the most up-to-date protection for your charity, simply call 01424 205063 and speak to one of our charity insurance experts.

Insurance is one of those items that you know you need but would rather
not pay for. We have found that UK Charity Insurance makes every effort to
understand our general and specific needs and then works hard to
find the best solution, which keeps our costs as low as possible.
This fits well with our plan of minimising expenditure
– always crucial in a tough financial climate.”

Kevin Rose - King’s Church, Hastings

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