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Why UK Charity Insurance?

7 good reasons to ask us for help

There are a few specialist companies out there so why should you choose and trust UK Charity Insurance?

1. UK charity insurance experts

You'll benefit from our 15+ years' experience of looking after the insurance needs of the UK's charities - from individual small family trusts up to international organisations with hundreds of employees. We have helped charities across a wide range of causes to discover the risks their activities expose them to and then arranged suitable, cost-effective cover.

2. FREE Charity Insurance Review

Your charity's activities will be specific to you. So, if you like, we can undertake a full and FREE insurance review, taking the time to build a fresh picture of what it is you do and assess the level of protection you should have in place. We'll look at your current insurance to see if there are any gaps in your cover and then we'll offer an alternative quotation for comparison. Then you'll know that your cover is right for you rather than just a repeat of last year's, which may be far adrift from your current needs.

3. Sound, impartial advice

How do you know you can trust the advice you're given when an insurer only has their own products to offer? As a broker, UK Charity Insurance works on YOUR behalf, not that of the insurer. And because we are not tied to any one company's products we can recommend the cover most suitable for your requirements.

4. Personal contact

You can talk to us on the phone for as long as you need to. We understand that being able to talk to someone, rather than just corresponding by email, makes all the difference when you're trying to sort out your cover or make changes along the way. We're here to guide you through the whole insurance process and explain anything you don't understand. UK Charity Insurance offers you a direct line to your dedicated contact for all queries. In fact, here's the number now - try it - 01424 205063.

5. First-class service

Quite simply, this means you'll be treated the way we'd expect to be treated ourselves - we'll do what we say we will, promptly; always aiming to exceed your expectations. It's in our culture to be helpful and courteous so you needn't worry about that. We're here to make sure you're happy - whatever it takes.

6. Claims assistance

You're not on your own if you need to make a claim. We'll help you through this difficult time and aim to take the stress away. It's important that you're back up and running quickly so we'll ensure you don't have to waste time chasing for information.

7. Ongoing support

Again, we're keen to make you happy so we offer you all the ongoing help and advice you need throughout your time with us. You can treat us as if we were your own in-house insurance team.

To take advantage of these 7 main benefits you should call 01424 205063 and ask UKCI to quote for your charity insurance. Alternatively, click here to request a charity insurance quote

Remember, the UK Charity Insurance team are THE people to turn to for expert charity insurance advice. Do the best for your charity by calling us today!

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